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The Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Company (OLAAS) comprises of 12 Primary schools and one secondary school within the Solihull, Birmingham and Warwickshire areas. Within our family of schools, each provides a fully inclusive and comprehensive Catholic Education offering in a diverse society - we are 'Strong in Faith'. Read More

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Instructions for accessing Teams

The whole school can access Big Cat Library Online whilst working remotely due to  COVID-19 and school being closed except to vulnerable pupils and critical worker pupils. 

If you require a reminder of your child's login/password, please contact the school office for detailsBig Cat Library Online

The Oak academy are making some books available on their website. Each week there will be a different author promoting a book that children can read. 

  Oak Academy Reading Resources


Times Table Flowchart 


Work week commencing 1st March 2021

  Areas of Learning    Maths & Literacy     Book ReviewNon-Chronological Report Examples Anglo-Saxon village plan example

FrictionFriction Advantages & Disadvantages Friction Worksheet 2

Creatures in Narnia Narnia Chapter 13 Narnia Chapter 14

Narnia Chapter 15Narnia Chapter 16 Narnia Chapter 17



Work week commencing 22nd February 2021

  Areas of Learning      Maths & Literacy    Arithmetic

Narnia Chapter 10                     Narnia Chapter 11

Narnia Chapter 12                    Spring in Narnia

Helicopter Template                   Helicopter Investigation

Work week commencing 8th February 2021

  Areas of Learning     Maths & Literacy   Women in STEMNarnia Chapter 5    Narnia Chapter 6   Narnia Chapter 7

Narnia Chapter 8      Narnia Chapter 9

Work week commencing 1st February 2021

 Areas of Learning       Maths & Literacy   Anglo-Saxon Shield

My Ideal Job   Narnia Chapter 4     Newton Activiy Sheet

Newton Fact Sheet  Arithmetic

Work week commencing 25th January 2021

     Areas of Learning       Maths & Literacy  Anglo-Saxons

     Narnia Chapter 2    Narnia Chapter 3 Features of a playscript

                  Information Collection Sheet        John the Baptist

Work week commencing 18th January 2021

                    Areas of Learning                      Maths & Literacy

  Roman Numerals 1                     Roman Numerals 2

Sikhism Knowledge Organiser      Arithmetic

Narnia Chapter 1

Work week commencing 11th January 2021

                      Areas of Learning                      Maths & Literacy  

   Dream Cloud                     Narnia Chapter 1  

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Work week commencing 4th January 2021

    Areas of Learning                 Maths & Literacy

  Chemical Changes                Historical Enquiry

Useful websites for home learning - here

If you have any queries about your child's work, or wish to share what they have done, you can contact your year group's staff at - s84year5@st-anthonys.solihull.sch.uk